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  • Lucky Store---Get AAA game keys with only 2.69EUR!!!
    Time: Jan. 3, 2019


    SCDKey Super Loot---What's super loot?

    Purchase loots on the page, then open your loots to get random game keys.

    You will have chance to get AAA game keys with only 2.69EUR!!!


    SCDKey Loot Cases---What game can you get?

    Choose one case to open your loot,game keys are divided into 8 cases.

    GIFT CARD           Best ACT Games      Best games in 2018        Best RPGs

    Far Cry 5                 Call of Duty                  The Sims       Zombies should be killed


    The value of games are divided into four levels:legend,epic,rare,common.

    Try your luck,maybe you can get $100 Steam Gift Card,Call of Duty,Fay Cry 5 and so on.


    We provide three quantities of loot for you to purchase,more loots you have, more likely to get AAA games.


    ×1     €2.69

    ×5 Extra 1 free loot    €13.45

    ×10 Extra 3 free loot     €26.90


    Super Loot FAQ