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  • How do you evaluate Devil May Cry 5?
    Time: Mar. 25, 2019


    This article is based on personal impressions of Devil May Cry 5.

    Please forgive me if you find some problems in this article,such as improper wording,improper structure,disorganization and so on.

    If you have any questions on some aspects of this article,your comments are welcome.


    Frame:Small but complete

    Hideo Kojima clearly realized the importance of having a good engine for making games.

    To this end he persuaded kom to invest heavily in the development of the fox engine,which was subsequently used in Pro Evolution Soccer,Metal Gear Solid 5 Phantom Pain, the aborted Silent Hills and even Survive after his own departure.

    Whatever you think of Capcom's game itself,the RE engine itself should be a credit.The picture performance of Devil May Cry 5 is rich enough to be described as boss's special effects, protagonist's own special effects, scene destruction's special effects...


    Run:Very fresh,very tasty.

    Compared to its former partner Ubisoft's much-maligned game optimizations,Capcom seems to suffer less from framerate/performance issues.

    After entering the game can really be as smooth as silk,the game runs on a fairly high level of frames.


    Music:Bang,Bang,Bang,pull my Devil Trigger


    Flow:There's always one for you

    Devil May Cry 5 compared to the previous Devil May Cry 4 20 level with double mode,this further,provides the player with three different operational ideas and even other characters,can be said to be beyond all the previous,in this point is sure to step into a new peak.


    Nero:My forever friend

    It can be said that the previous Devil May Cry 4 mainly exists to introduce the new character of Nero.We can see the efforts that Capcom poured into this young man.Including but not limited to specially introduced throwing moves and supporting performances, process settings and so on.Devil May Cry 5 inherited Nero's simplicity and difficulty,and enriched his repertoire to the greatest extent possible.The idea of playing Nero well is also very clear: try to improve the success rate of your red knife;Always have a three-gun range.At the same time,to make up for his lack of moves,the game has added a variety of manipulators,some simple and some requiring timing and skill.However,there are no useless toys (except deluxe edition).The biggest surprise was that even though Nero got his right hand back at the end,the robotic arm was still usable and the buttons were completely parallel and didn't conflict.


    Dante:Ready,players,is speed and thought enough?

    Compared with Nero,Dante's treatment in Devil May Cry 4 is more or less perfunctory:the action module of treason/full set/double gun/pellet is basically the same as the previous work, and only lucif/Pandora's module is very novel, which is a little embarrassing compared with the rich five swords and five guns in Devil May Cry 3.Similarly,in terms of style and skill,only the trickster has been strengthened by absorbing the telepresence of Virgil's dark slayer, the swordsman and the god of the gun have both been removed from the cc skill,and the royal bodyguard's actual combat effectiveness has been greatly reduced due to the efficiency of accumulating energy and other reasons,so it can almost only be reduced to a joke household.To put it plainly,weapons are fully portable and styles are switched in time.If you look at it from the perspective of conspiracy theories,is it more or less opportunistic to make up for the lack of basic materials?But he didn't want to do anything wrong,creating one of the most varied monsters in the history of the game.Devil May Cry 5 is at its best when it comes to the questionable "conscience and sincerity" of its predecessor: the big sword module remains intact for traditional reasons, but the evolution from rebel - devil's sword Spartan - devil's sword Dante is also striking;The boxing set and the three bar module are greatly changed,and can even be used as two or three things;I can't think of another way to describe a motorcycle other than awsl.


    V:But I'm harder than you

    V is a character that varies greatly in difficulty.Many saw it as a new generation of friends of the ob before it went on sale.In reality, however,you can only control the attack of the two pokemon,not the displacement,and the fact that you are so far away from the battlefield will probably cause the leopards to completely miss the first few shots of the company.The enemy will not only stare at the troll but also attack you.Instant executions cannot be triggered continuously.Short hits are hard and huge.V ontology evading will force one of the pokemon to be recalled (depending on location) to interrupt the output.At high levels, you have to keep an eye on the panthers to make sure they hit and keep an eye on the V to avoid being stolen.Properly ensuring that the magic summons the nightmare to clear the scene can be said to be a very delicate role.


    Map:Since there is no way to save both sides,we have to make the decision to abandon one side.


    Plot:We are not only production feelings,but also feelings of the porter

    The plot is indeed not the core of act games that focus on action experience. It can only be said that good performance is a plus, while bad performance is not a minus.Not many normal people would deny the entire value of a Mario series because of the cliched story that Mario has been saving the princess for decades, as long as the princess doesn't give kuba a baby -- that's maliciously disgusting.When it comes to Devil May Cry,the inadequacy of the innate setting and the lack of sufficient leeway in the plot doomed the setting of Devil May Cry series to be completely unexplored,and the story itself was always unable to escape from the spartans.The only thing that can be evaluated is whether the story itself has enough tension and whether the flashpoint/tearpoint can move people.


    In short,Devil May Cry 5 is absolutely not perfect,Devil May Cry 5 according to your evaluation of the way and the weight of the different,may not be able to steady from Devil May Cry 3 took over the series peak throne.However,if not first,then second...


    In the end,How do you evaluate Devil May Cry 5?