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  • E3 2019:The eight most noteworthy things
    Time: May. 20, 2019

    Billed as the "annual Olympics of electronic entertainment," the E3 games show will run from June 11-13.As the largest and most well-known interactive entertainment exhibition in the world, E3 is the most important product of the year exhibited by major game manufacturers.What are the highlights of this year's E3?


    1、SONY won't participate

    The biggest news of the year was SONY's exit, the first in E3's 24-year history.Shawn Layden, chairman of SONY studios worldwide and President of SIE North America, recently spoke to the media about SONY's decision not to participate in E3 2019.And now the Internet's meteoric rise has certainly diminished the importance of E3.E3 is already trending toward a fan event in the form of a comic-con.

    2、microsoft may bring a new host

    Immediately after the announcement of SONY's PS5 console, Microsoft announced that its E3 event would start at 1 PM Pacific time on June 9.Another source said that Microsoft may then reveal the long - rumored new host.Given that SONY has already pre-empted the announcement of the next generation console, Microsoft is now playing its own card.

    3、Switch offers an online tournament

    In early April, nintendo launched its own E3 2019 official website, where it revealed some of the itineraries for this year's show."It's the time of year again...We are as excited as you are!Luckily, you can check out all the latest game announcements, tournament news and nintendo's E3 plans here.

    4、EA cancel E3 Pre-show press conference 

    EA has also announced that it will cancel its pre-e3 2019 event, but will still keep the EA Play event for fans.They will host several live events during E3 to bring new information to players.EA said in the announcement that the current EA Play advocates "less talk and more Play."

    5、Ubisoft expected to announce watchdog 3

    Ubisoft has announced that its E3 event this year will start at 4 am Beijing time on June 11.Following the announcement of ubisoft, a big maker of games with multiple ips, there was a heated debate among foreign players about which games ubisoft will announce at its E3 event this year."Watchdog 3", "beyond good and evil 2", "cell division" new, "lehman" series new and "prince of Persia" new has become the focus of player expectations.

    6、Cyberpunk 2077 May actually be coming

    CDPR, the company behind cyberpunk 2077, which received a lot of attention at last year's fair, also said in its recent earnings report that this year's E3 will be the most important show in history, suggesting that there will be major announcements

    7、Tencent, the face of China, continues to participate

    In addition to foreign game factories, in recent years E3 exhibition also began to frequently appear Chinese manufacturers.According to E3's official website, tencent, giant networks, xishanju and some local game associations have been included in this year's list.

    8、Several vendors continued basic operations

    In addition to the core manufacturers, many manufacturers will also continue the basic operation in previous years, in the E3 show new products.Club B will highlight doom: eternity, a game released by club B and developed by id Software.We can also look forward to games like wehrmacht: new blood and Starfield.


    So what are you most looking forward to for E3 2019?Tell us your choice!