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  • Take a look at Microsoft 365's July improvements: safer and more collaborative
    Time: Aug. 2, 2019


    The July update focused on improving security and productivity across services.

    The first is to support FIDO2 security keys in Azure Active Directory (AD), which has entered the public preview stage.



    This feature has also been introduced into the mixed environment of Windows Server preview.Microsoft also says Threat and Vulnerability Management (TVM) is currently online on the Microsoft Defender ATP portal.



    In terms of productivity, Microsoft has introduced new features for Microsoft Teams, including the ability to read messages, priority notifications, and upcoming releases. Firstline Workers as well as some new features, such as using Teams Shifts module function of entry or exit, or sending messages to persons have a specific role in the organization.




    Outlook has also introduced some new features, including a new Quick Poll plug-in that allows you to run polls via email, and a new way to easily find free meeting rooms when creating meetings.Meanwhile, Yammer gets a q&a feature that provides useful answers on the go, and Microsoft To-Do now allows users To assign tasks To specific people on Shared lists.






    In the July update, Microsoft also simplified IT management, starting with a new Desktop Analytics tool to help businesses use the latest version of Windows 10 while ensuring software compatibility.




    Thanks to FSLogix, Microsoft has improved the Office experience in a virtualized environment.As Windows Server 2019 adds support for Office 365 ProPlus and OneDrive files-on-demand, Microsoft also acknowledges upcoming performance improvements for Outlook, OneDrive, and Teams in virtualization environments.