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  • The Nintendo Switch may soon get official wireless Super Nintendo controllers
    Time: Aug. 14, 2019


    Nintendo filed to acquire a Federal Communications Commission ID for a new Bluetooth-powered gamepad, as a poster on the ResetEra gaming forum first spotted. As is typical, these documents don’t include specifics about the product. But one of the filings features an image of what looks a lot like a Super Nintendo gamepad.


    The device’s FCC ID is BKE HAC-042, which is important because it indicates it is going to work with the Nintendo Switch. All of the company’s previous Switch related "wireless game devices" have had the "HAC" prefix as part of their FCC IDs . The BKE part refers to Nintendo, specifically.




    Of course, remember that this filing only includes artwork at the moment. And that art only needs to roughly indicate the location of the FCC ID boiler plate. That means the final shape of the actual device could end up looking different.


    But it’s likely that that the reason this filing features a Super Nintendo-style gamepad is because that’s what the controller actually looks like. And that could mean big things for the Nintendo Switch and its online service.