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Cubesis Steam Key Global


USD 3.18

USD 1.87 -41%
Platform: STEAM PC
Stock: In Stock
Product Description
A Global key,works on Steam and PC.

Cubesis is a turn-based strategy game with puzzle elements,centered around the fragile balance of the Cubeworld,in which you use conditions to solve given tasks with your people.Your way to their solution is beset by many obstacles:for exemple the sea.To overcome such obstacles,you need to figure out waht pleases the gods.As the leader of this world, players need to find ways to maintain the lives of residents here.For example, creating rivers and dams.Find ways to get the resources on the map,and make the best use of it!

In Cubesis you can completely change the climate from tropical to icy. As the leader of the Cubies,you have to please your people,which means you will have to change the world wisely because it works as a fragile clockwork, and because it is guarded by two gods:Ikjuch and Likael who can be cruel and generous at the same time.Only you will decide if they will help you,or destroy you.Come and lead your people through a challenging journey:charming and yet unknown world awaits you!

Fragile balance
- Balance constitute the core mechanic of the game. Let´s put it simply: everything has its cost and nothing is ultimately good.
Puzzle elements - Unlike other strategy titles this one aims to give player a bit more thoughtful gameplay, which is accomplished by goals (cross the sea, collect treasure chest, build a city in the lake, etc.)that player needs to fulfill in order to win the level.
Editable terrain - In Cubesis every tile of land can be modified and even destroyed!Beside that you will create dams,rivers and canals.
God Game - You will meet two gods (Ikjuch and Likael) who created Cubeworld.They represent the law of nature of the Cubeworld: sea level and global temperature.
Two campaigns - You will meet up to thirty four enjoyable and challenging levels that are ordered based on their difficulty.You will start with tutorial,go through easy campaign and end up with Likael´s Revenge campaign.

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