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    Time: Apr. 12, 2017
    Overwatch Origins Edition CD Key new season event, the rebellion is now living with a new cooperative fight that rewinds the clock in the universe and follows the first mission of the overwatch plotter.

    Riots extends from today 1 April and 11 May establishes the new PVE established seven years ago Overwatch. Players are part of a set of agents Poster - Marcos Torbjörn Reinhardt and Mercy are playable options - to stop, which is promoted by the Omnic Group fight against zero sector for the omnischen uprising in the king range.

    Over 100 new cosmetic masks are Uprising Booty Boxes as part of the event, including the new Overwatch character reflect history and emotes, featured and more. The game may be won or purchased during the duration of the event.

    In a new development diary of Blizzard's event Jeff Kaplan said that the cooperation event was "much more" than the Junkensteins revenge event.

    Event information was unveiled this week for the accidental release at the start of the season's event trailer. The skins were exciting before the event.