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    Time: May. 31, 2017
    A piece of goods seems to have fled the logo and players from the next game Assassin's Creed Rogue Uplay CD Key.

    Cartoon reported that a reliable source with Ubisoft ties with images of the promotional items for the assassin creed probably titled Origins.

    Images of flag t-shirts, sports, what appears to be the new logo, which is printed on the label and backs of players. The logo shows the usual killer badge that live in the middle of the peak during the Games with an Egyptian twist like an eye of Horus.

    In addition, the front of the shirts also allows us to discover the potential information about the next game. What the protagonist of the game seems to be that we have seen in previous leaks, is equipped with a bow, shield and sword gloves hidden with Egyptian motifs.

    This is by far the first time information about the creed games of a murderer was leaked to the series with a solid history of leaks during his tenure.

    Ubisoft said the new Creed and Far Cry killer in the 2017-2018 fiscal window start, and we have more to comment on the leaks.