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    Time: Jun. 1, 2017
    Team of independent developers, Kerbal international level intellectual property programs created and has already owned, continue to work on the future day of improvements and expansion this year, making history, after the announcement. The expansion will add a builder and Mission History Pack - the latter, see players in historical space missions programs Kerbal space program Version.

    In a statement, Take-Two SVP, Director of Development and Edition of Michael Worosz Called Independent Space Programs Kerbal a "new long-term franchise" for the publisher.

    The development team also introduced the call and fans ensures the acquisition "does not change much for the KSP community." And he added: "Executives and the current development team are still there and they are at work to the KSP and their future updates, but factories with keywords, biographies With help an experienced editor like Take-Two ".

    Space-based Sim Sim is currently on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox Live 12 Months Gold Membership Card Global One available. To date, more than 2 million copies sold.

    The Kerbal IGN program examining the wisdom of the "cute, clueless Senne characters and sense of humor are an unconditional physical simulator of some recurring and addictive, and worth to overcome the obstacle of learning the controls receive."