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  • WOLFENSTEIN 2: New Colossus is a real pleasure SATZISCHES
    Time: Jun. 15, 2017
    Games machine has heard a lot, that found the opening hours of Wolfenstein The Old Blood Steam CD Key: The new order. The first 20 minutes Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is fun, crazy fool killing, with a hilarious cast - it was full of antagonists - and mysterious. In my time with the game, it seems that the new double colossus takes into account the sudden joy that pervades its predecessor.

    The new colossus opens with an ill-blasted BJ Blaskowitz. The grenade, which closes the new order, the lame, barely able to track his way to a wheelchair. And you spend the first 20 minutes of The New Colossus in this wheelchair and the desperate route boils of its complete Nazi connection with a limp machine gun on the knees seated (that's why I have no real meaning fighting in the new colossus as a whole , But also bound for a wheelchair, feels as satisfying as ever.

    Fortunately, the world is built for BJs wheels. Conveyors and elevators, send it flying through the region and radiate face Nazis in relative style. Like its predecessor, the new colossus present in rail-level design, but it is the level of intelligent design, generously used vertical space.