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    Time: Jul. 14, 2017
    According to rumors, the actor and voice campaigns Blizzard's crashlog Classification officially the appearance of a new character annoying Doomfist potential hero.

    In a fictional news report on the Overwatch Standard Edition CD Key GLOBAL blog, he said Doomfist was broken by Reaper Prison and subsequently resumed his Numbani space glove weapon. This explains the damage that was added in a previous update different parts of the Numbani card.

    The Doomfist report is designated by the name Akande Ogundimu. The fiction of the game already named two characters was for the title Doomfist, but neither of the name. That means Doomfist's "successor" is hitherto unknown (as you can see in the flags on the Numbani map below).

    Doomfist has become an obsession for Cartel fans. Originally a temporary entry into the original animation trailer of the game, Blizzard said he started, easy to extend his characters due to Faninteresses. In turn, this led to repeated speculation that the character is added as a playable character.

    Last week, speculation was a bit more grounded, discovered as a player than a new patch that has been called in the internal upgrade "Doomfist Games / Summer." Blizzard then withdraws the reference, but this news seems to be further proof that Doomfist something future in the road.

    Depending on your vision of things the most exciting part of a new update is the addition of Doomfist or return the Summer Games - Overwatch is currently testing a solution that significantly reduces the duplication of booty boxes.