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  • The light gets killed another ten pieces of free DLC in the next 12 months
    Time: Aug. 9, 2017
    The game of Dying Light:The Following Enhanced Edition was released in the spring of 2015, which means that there is still some time left in the video game in the tooth. But Techland did not let go. The study today announced that ten more DLC games launched the game over the next 12 months.

    "Almost three years after the release of the original light dim light, it plays every week for about half a million people.In the first month on the market in 2015, the numbers of the week were about 700,000.This shows that Our community remains huge, active and wanting more "

    The new DLC includes "new places, historical game quests, weapons, enemies and more." Techland said it will continue to balance and optimize the game through future game updates, and promised frequent community events as well. There is also a new "dedicated community platform" in the works that will give fans a voice in the direction of future content development.

    The first of the new dying light contents happen "in a matter of weeks," but even if it is free, obviously none of the promised 10 gifts: The study describes as "a taste of the next new things I play before '10 DLC Free in 12 months full campaign launches later this year. "