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  • Shadow of War's controversial charity DLC is now free
    Time: Nov. 1, 2017

    Last month it was reported that Middle Earth Shadow Of War Standard Xbox Key Global DLC, created to honor a recently deceased developer, would be available for purchase, along with cash destined for the family of the deceased. Things went wrong when it turned out that this only applied to certain US territories. UU And that global sales went directly into the pocket of Warner Bros. Entertainment.


    However, a new update of the official Monolith website now confirms that the DLC "Forthog the Orc Slayer" is now a free download for all players. Instead, Warner Bros. gives directly to Michael Forgey's family, instead of the money raised by the sale of the controversial DLC.


    The update also states that ALL the profits of the DLC in the world went to the Forgey family in accordance with the original plan. This is a strange statement, considering that the small print of the original trailer implies the opposite. The trailer has been updated since then as shown below.