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  • Call of Duty: WWII Servers Down for Some Players
    Time: Dec. 4, 2017

    Players from various platforms report problems with Call of Duty: World War II servers prevent them from participating in classified or normal games.

    The latest Call of Duty: WWII Steam Key PC EU game experienced several connectivity issues during its latest release, but the latest outbreak of server problems seems to have happened overnight. In the Call of Duty community, several players from different regions report problems with the game despite the game's support pages.

    Over the course of a few hours, some noticed that the servers seem to be working together again, but others have commented that they still can not find a game. Zombie mode seems to be less affected by server problems than the server. multiplayer, but this could be purely anecdotal to those who entered survival mode more often than PvP games.

    The Leaderboard mode was recently launched because December is the first month of the ranked game. A recently published update to correct some classification problems may have something to do with the connectivity problems that have occurred with some of them.

    With more and more players commenting over time that they can find games with fewer problems, I hope the servers are about to be fully functional again, but keep up with the tweets of the massive games,this could happen.