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  • Call of Duty: WWII's Ranked Mode Lets Everyone Play With Pro Rules
    Time: Dec. 6, 2017

    Call of Duty: WWII Steam Key PC EU:the new game mode classified in World War II allows you and your professionals to play as long as you do not mind being alone.

    Classified Play, released on December 1 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, follows the eSports guidelines of the World League Call of Duty: 4 Ways of Search and Destruction 4 and 4,Capture the Flag and Hardpoint. All sets of rules and exit bans used in the league apply here, so you can really get an idea of ​​how the real eSport game feels.

    Instead of being just a mix of random targeting modes like Infinite Warfare's sad competitive playlist, the ranked game allows you to stay in placement games to measure your individual skills. This is a pairing scoring system similar to Overwatch, which is based on skill assessment to properly position players according to their actual skill level.

    We are currently in season 1, which includes placement and testing, which includes seven skill levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Masters and Pro. Winning gives you points that you can raise to the layer level. However, if you lose or abandon the games, the points are deducted. The placement you receive in season 1 will be transferred in season 2.

    There are time penalties to stop smoking and exclusive rewards for headphones for each level you get. And who does not want to dress to boast in the social area of ​​the seat?