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  • Loot boxes may not return to Star Wars: Battlefront II
    Time: Dec. 8, 2017

    As EA's real money transactions in Star Wars Battlefront 2 Origin CD Key Global PC last month stopped, the company said it was a temporary move "would be reversed at a later date ... after we've made some changes to the game." Now, an EA manager suggests that a later date for the return of microtransactions might never happen.

    "Over time, we will discuss how we want to take the [microtransactions] if the game is or not, and in what form we will decide," said EA CFO Blake Jorgensen earlier this week at the investor conference. NASDAQ. The "or not" is the first public indication that in-game purchases that were initially heavily integrated into the progression of the game system would never return.

    The decisions of the micro-transaction Battlefront II counterattack the idea of ​​"boxes of surprises" at random in the games. Belgian regulators and Hawaiian politicians see the practice as a form of play that should be restricted or prohibited to children. Hawaiian Rep. Chris Lee continued his fight against loot boxes and encouraged a letter campaign to take lawmakers to other states on board.