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  • Call of Duty: WWII Sure Is Looking Festive These Days
    Time: Dec. 14, 2017

    Christmas came early to Call of Duty: WWII Steam Key PC EU. Activision launched the Winter Victory event on December 8, where soldiers can turn snow globes and enjoy a few R & R vacations.


    The event brought new content and festive decoration to the headquarters, Call of Duty: the social space of the Second World War. The lights extend everywhere, and the constant snowstorm contributes to the seasonal effect. A Christmas tree is right in front of the butler, so you can buy refill drops to open them on the tree, as if every day was a Christmas morning.


    In addition to the standard supply drops, there are white winter seat drops that guarantee at least one item in season: a hand-to-hand combat weapon, a sleek white uniform perfect for snow or just a few emblems. Fucking and decorative gun handles for the winter theme.


    The Christmas decoration will remain until the end of the winter chair on January 2, so enjoy the snow while it lasts. Now ... what are you going to do for Valentine's Day?