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  • Boomer - The Best Gun For Hire
    Time: Feb. 12, 2018

    There is one thing which we all konw is that the dogs are the best friends and the most loyal partners for people.In my opinion,there is also one thing which we can all agree is that dogs are adorable,precious and help to make our life more colorful and interesting.In the game of Far Cry 5 Uplay CD Key EU,a dog, who's name is Boomer, is no exception.He is the best gun for hire,and here is the reason that why he is the very best helper character in the game.


    I have to say that Boomer makes some good arguments in this game:he is a very good boy and works very very hard;he will attack those bad guys who killed his family,and send them away;he jumped on the bad ones and bit them...So far,these are the most compelling arguments.But,Boomer is also our family now,please pet him sometimes!


    Boomer can mark nearby enemies and has a opportunity to get their gun after taking one down.Nick Rye is a member of the family who can attack the enemy with bombs or strafing runs.


    Far Cry 5 will be launched on March 27. Based on our debut with the game, it is one that the most shines in co-op.