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  • Metal Gear Survive: A loyal soldier story
    Time: Mar. 9, 2018

    Metal Gear Survive Steam Key Global is the story of a loyal soldier who was left by his boss and was thrown into an inferno of reused active phantom pain where they have to build some kind of significant existence of accumulated debris.


    A series of programmers were trapped into the conflict of Kojima Konami, artists and designers left behind. Finally, they carried on a game about tring to survive disaster.


    Metal Gear Survive Steam Key Global begins at the end of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes.After an attack destroyed the base of operations of the Big Boss mercenary empire, the survivors of the attack were swallowed by a massive wormhole that drops them into a dusty desert with nanotechnology zombies, which were to kill all the humans in the planet. You control a customizable soldier of the Big Boss Army, who is driven to this ruined world. You must gather the survivors, make weapons and armor, and survive long enough to find a way home.


    Hero of this story is trapped in what may be hell itself, where familiar setting from Metal Gear Solid V crop out of the dust as a reminder of what was and what will never be again.