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  • What is the NEXT for The Sims 4?
    Time: Mar. 30, 2018

    The Sims 4 have been out for almost four years, and when the Twitter account of EA reached the "Next Sims Experience",what fans thought about the first time was the Sims 5 or so. EA erased those thoughts when they deleted the tweet and replaced it with "The Next Sims 4 Experience." But the question remains: what is the next step for the Sims?

    The fact that EA dropped its original tweet, which does not specify the Sims 4 indicates that it is true that an announcement Sims 5 was removed from the table. And even if the perspective of the Sims 5 is exciting, it's too early, historically and during the game.

    It is likely that EA has a plan for the future, but we hope to take us years to see the Sims 5. All signals that EA is not ready for Sims 5 are here - Sims 4 has just been released on the console, and Sims Mobile is based on the design of the Sims 4.

    Now we have decided that the probability of an announcement Sims 5 is low, Seasons is perhaps the most ambitious expansion pack that EA could launch for Sims 4. That affects the whole game, not just a world. It accommodates other extremely entertaining games that include activities such as snowboarding and surfing.