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  • The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds metamorphosis continues with update #12
    Time: May. 3, 2018

    Playerunknowns Battlegrounds Steam Cloud Activation Key is in a state of transformation in progress. If you load it tomorrow, it will have the same name and the same premise, but it's something new. This is how live games work, which makes them interesting. And although the great updates that introduce new cards are great, player can had a lot more fun with patches that change the little details.

    The latest update of the Battle Royal Shooter has goes live on May 2, according to a downtime for server maintenance. PUBG will be disconnected at 7 p.m. and will return after 4 hours. That's when "Update # 12", as developer PUBG Corp. He calls, a series of big changes are going to blow up.

    One new thing that is not in this update, the third smallest map that PUBG Corp. Savage, is tested on its experimental server last month. Savage is still in the development phase and will need many more tests and polishing before reaching the server live.

    PUBG Corp. Improved damage to each weapon, most SMGs and a handful of other weapons. The study has slightly reduced the effectiveness of RA at all levels.

    At the same time, the pistols finally feel viable. The .45 Caliber P1911 now works fast with 41 Damage Limiters. Player can feel much safer and confidence in the early stages of a game after finding a weapon.