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  • Root Canal: The Latest Live Event of Far Cry 5
    Time: May. 30, 2018

    Root Canal, the latest live event of Far Cry 5 Uplay CD Key, has begun. If you want to participate, make sure you are well equipped with melee weapons. The event began on Tuesday, May 29 at noon and lasts a full week.

    The latest event of Far Cry 5 includes both a personal goal and a community goal, which will be completed on June 5. This event requires players to use melee weapons to kill cultists. Once they are dead, players must loot Cultist Teeth to successfully complete the challenge.

    As in previous events, there are two separate reward groups that players will work on the Root Channel event. The first is a series of personal goals that you will complete alone. Use melee weapons to kill cultists to unlock these rewards. Remember to loot the bodies once the cultists have left.

    Live events also offer community-level rewards that everyone receives when they reach specific goals.

    The Far Cry 5 live events screen shows your personal progress and the progress of the community. In the future, Ubisoft plans to integrate more individual and community events live in the game.