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  • Fortnite dances could be in FIFA 19 after Griezmann's 'Take the L' celebration in the World Cup final
    Time: Jul. 16, 2018

    This year, Fortnite has become a worldwide craze, even in the World Cup final between France and Croatia.

    Antoine Griezmann celebrated his signature "Take the L" after scoring a controversial penalty to help his country win its second World Cup. The dance is a mockery to Fortnite that the French play regularly.

    And it seems that Fortnite could penetrate a new genre, as Dan Silver of the Telegraph claims that EA is planning to put the dances on FIFA 19.

    Silver spoke with FIFA producer Matt Prior at E3, who said they would put the dances into play if enough players from around the world used them for their celebrations.

    And if that was not convincing enough, Jesse Lingard also used a Fortnite dance during this World Cup. He performed the "dance of the hype" after screaming in Panama.

    It would not be the first time that EA includes a fashionable celebration in its FIFA games. Dabbing, Gangnam Style and even Peter Crouch's robotic dance are all the festivities you can perform in the game.