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  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider takes players to Paititi
    Time: Sep. 7, 2018

    The last chapter of Lara and her "most definitive" is almost to come. Square Enix announced that Tomb Raider will cross the jungles, the temples and even the tombs of South America. As such, the publisher has unveiled the largest city in the franchise to date: the hidden city of Paititi.


    However, the hidden city of Paititi is not only the centerpiece of the game. On the walls of the city, Lara can "trade" weapons against new suits and obtain information about the next step or the side missions that will take place. Square Enix also claims that there may be hidden tombs and hidden crypts in the great center.



    According to Jason Dozois, narrator of "Shadow of the Tomb Raider Key", Paititi is the home of a "civilization not touched by modern culture, full of challenges and secondary missions". There will be several neighborhoods such as fishing areas or residential areas. By touring the territories and exploring everywhere, Lara becomes more able to translate what the locals say.



    For an "immaculate civilization", the market seems to be working very well with Lara. She can buy craft supplies, equipment and weapons to improve her fighting skills.