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  • What to expect from the new update of Forza Horizon 4
    Time: Nov. 14, 2018

    In the days leading up to the launch, it was revealed that the first big drop in the content of Forza Horizon 4 key was almost complete. Updating this time will add a much-needed new feature, as well as many other things to keep you busy on the streets of Great Britain.

    The great news is the Route Creator . The master plan was excellent and will continue to be, but it was not the same as building your own races in the vast open world.

    This is where Route Creator comes in. This is what we can expect, but with up to 40 miles and checkpoints that can be placed virtually anywhere, there are certainly some incredible tours made by the community.

    The change of the weekly season has brought a new activity to the map since its launch in the form of granaries, temporary championships and public relations tricks, and that does not stop it.

    The weekly change will continue and in the next phase we will receive 20 new events, including new studies and four new seasonal public relations maneuvers. Remember, if you are doing a seasonal public relations stunt, you should be careful.