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  • This Just Cause 4 Easter Egg lets you turn NPC into a cow
    Time: Dec. 11, 2018

    The Just Cause series is best known for its penchant for senseless destruction and flagrant disregard for the laws of physics. However, over the years, developer Avalanche Studios has turned out to be an Easter egg.

    Just Cause 4 Steam CD Key EU maintains the stupid approach of the series through the Cow Gun. The name of the weapon gives you an indication of the function that can be used to convert any game NPC into a cow. It's pretty strange, but what's even more fun is that your livestock conversion does not seem to be the least important for your two new pets.

    To find the weapon, you must go to the Vaivanes region, southwest of the island. There is a southwest-facing country house on a runway just north of a military base. Keep going and find the Cow Gun on the porch.

    Players have already discovered many Easter eggs. Just Cause 4, one turns the game into a parody of the famous Take-a-Music clip from A-Ha in 1985, while another can play a miniature version of the demonic movie Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy.