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  • "ARK: Survival Evolved" Developer Announces "Atlas"
    Time: Dec. 24, 2018

    The creators of "ARK Survival Evolved Steam CD Key" unveiled their new project in "The Game Awards 2018": "Atlas", a pirate fantasy pirate in the marine play area as "Sea of ​​Thieves".

    The game is quite large, approximately 1200 times the size of a single server "ARK: Survival Evolved", and encourages players to explore, conquer and, finally, build an armada. In short, it seems the life of a pirate for anyone who embarks on the world "Atlas".

    The ambitious open worlds show the battle between pirate ships, underwater quests, ego fights and much more. There is a variety of creatures such as cattle, ancient mythological beasts that conserve the treasures found under the seas.

    Atlas uses a new special technology called "WaveWorks" and is compatible with the game with a special and realistic water physics. For a game that focuses on the open sea, you need everything you need to support such a vast world.