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  • There is no way Bethesda is about to launch 'Fallout 76' Loot Boxes, right?
    Time: Dec. 25, 2018

    Fallout 76 Bethesda Key EU continues with new patches and changes. At this time, there is a central fan base that has left negativity and metacritics to make the game easy to play, but even the most dedicated fans are now concerned about what has been updated with last patch.

    The patch hides new elements that worry some players about future microtransactions in the game.

    There is evidence that the "lunchboxes" are coming to Fallout 76 Key, a term coined in Fallout Shelter. It was the version of the prize boxes of this game that contained powerful rewards.

    There is evidence that things like increased XP, wheel resistance, increased damage, weight gain, possibly in the form of microtransactions sold in the store, can be found in these lunchboxes, if any, but there are fans.

    There is also data that suggests that Perk Card packages are sold even in the store. Currently, they are only available in the game and the cards make up the whole SPECIAL system.

    In addition to the lunch boxes, the sale of discount card packages would be a separate form of loot boxes. This would be a problem with the current state of operation of the update and the benefits of Fallout.