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  • Metro Exodus: A Gorgeous Adventure
    Time: Jan. 4, 2019

    Of course, Eye-Candy is part of the Metro Exodus Steam Key puzzle and the new episode of the franchise, from the books of Dmitry Glukhovsky, will also bring to 4A Games a certain narrative form and will report to Anna from the M2035.

    Meanwhile, Anna became Artyom's wife and Metro Exodus is the first title in the 4A Games series that leaves Moscow's claustrophobic metro for the outdoors. Well, great, it will probably be a matter of perspective and amount of hostilities, but close enough.

    As you can see, Metro Exodus is already a beautiful set that only meets the standards set by some of its predecessors. Not only are we talking about polygon numbers and fancy names for sparks, but the obvious attention to detail in 4A suggests that we will experience the most complete subway experience.

    The Metro Exodus team also contained some type of error and in size, it is probably Bethesda, wink. He also joked about bears: these damn things are almost insensitive to bullets, so there are no snow angels.