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  • Chapter 2 of the Battlefield V will be launched this week.
    Time: Jan. 15, 2019

    The seasonal content service of Battlefield V Origin CD Key, Chapter 2, Tides of War, will premiere this week and present the new Lightning Strikes event.


    Developer DICE released the first Chapter 2 trailer on Monday, announcing new content for players. Battlefield V Origin CD Key fans can expect new weapons, vehicles, equipment and the return of a Rush Mode and Conquest of revised squads. The introduction of the new cooperative mode of the game "Combined weapons" will also be presented in Chapter 2.



    From January 17 to 30, players participating in the new Squad Conquest mode will be rewarded with the weekly challenge Prizes. The first week's rewards include the Medic Zk-383 class submachine gun and the rewards of the second week is the semiautomatic assault rifle. Tank Hunter can easily deactivate the enemy armor and new reinforcements are available.



    Squad Conquest finds two teams of eight players facing off two other teams of eight players apiece. There are three flags can be controlled in reduced versions of Rotterdamn, Hamada and Arras maps. The flags must be maintained until a team runs out of the relive tickets, and when the players run out of tickets, the game ends.