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  • Metro Exodus: An epic journey full of private bets
    Time: Feb. 23, 2019

    After two games in the shady tunnels of the Moscow Metro, 4A Games decided to give their FPS franchise a one-way ticket from the Dodge. Metro Exodus Epic Key does not waste time escaping the chains of its predecessors and leaving the claustrophobic borders of this network of underground pipes for a guided tour of Russian nature.

    Metro Exodus Epic Key has a lot, but it is not free of risks. Leaving the central locations of the franchise is a bold move that will leave a gap in this area of ​​three borders where the main game style of the franchise should be.

    Instead of a series of runners full of mutants, Metro Exodus offers numerous pit stops on a long trip from Moscow. Artyom and his friends soon realize that there is life in other parts of the world and they are beginning to search quickly for new excavations.

    The game sometimes gives the impression of playing on a demo disc taken from the cover of an old magazine. one that contained many excerpts of fascinating experiences. Over the course of a year, you will visit a series of open mini-world environments, some of which have some very attractive features.