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  • Far Cry New Dawn's Best Mission Is To Pay Tribute To The Past
    Time: Mar. 5, 2019

    The best feat of Far Cry New Dawn Uplay Key is the juxtaposition of flowering and touch. His sweet mission, "Thousand Words", is based on this show by bringing the past and the present through photography.

    The images of the old world staircase are scattered on the map. He left it as a kind of sad art installation in places where he had originally taken snapshots.

    This not only encourages detailed exploration of the map, but also opens the door to Far Cry 5. In this game, the residents of Hope County are governed by violent religious cults. This story ended in the shadow of nuclear war, an event called The Collapse.

    The Lader is gone. We do not know where it is or if it is still alive. But he left notes that clearly indicate that he placed the photos after the explosions.