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  • Apex Legends: Wingman - A Most Powerful Gun
    Time: Mar. 8, 2019

    The developer of Respawn made changes to Apex Legends Founders Pack Cloud Activation Key. One of the most notable is the Wingman, a favorite weapon of the fans, which was a bit torn.

    For a while, the combination of Wingman and Peacekeeper was the standard charge for Apex Legends players. The Wingman is a powerful weapon and the Pacifier is a wild shotgun. Even if you're not that good at the game, you'll probably suffer some damage if you take a gun or both.

    The changes made to these weapons are quite granular. The shooter now has a reduced firing rate, just like peacekeeping personnel, giving players a greater window of vulnerability when a shot fails. Their availability on the map has also been reduced and some improvements have been made in the way they work with the assets.

    Basically, I think these weapons changes are good for the big players who are totally in agreement with Apex Legends. Repsawn's approach to making less balance changes, but more specific, will benefit the game as a whole, and not only players with the highest levels of play will have the time to adapt to a game and a new goal.