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  • Tom Clancys The Division 2 brings a battered Washington, D.C. to life
    Time: Mar. 26, 2019

    The new videogame "Tom Clancys The Division 2 Uplay Key" solves the problem of the evacuation of the marshes from the problems facing the capital of the country.

    The White House is under attack. An enemy force occupies the Lincoln Memorial and a destroyed Air Force One crashed at the foot of the United States Capitol.

    Chaos reigns after a pandemic that Washington decimated. As a member of Homeland's strategic division, the player's role is to protect the temporary headquarters of the White House division and help survivors improve their livelihoods.

    Among your opponents, you will find several groups of enemies that are trying to expand the anarchy caused by the virus that has killed millions of people.

    A virus that was transmitted to the US currency during Black Friday decimated the population, first in New York. When the institutions of the society collapsed, a team of sleeping SHD agents mobilized to maintain order and protect the surviving civilians.