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  • Devil May Cry 5 director propose new projects
    Time: Apr. 16, 2019

    After the recent success of Devil May Cry 5 Steam Key, it is easy to believe that Hideaki Itsuno, game director, would take a short break to relax a bit before starting his next project. However, in a recent tweet, we see that the director is not wasting time and may be working on a new project.

    The Itsuno tweet included a 'Cherry Blossom' party with the Devil May Cry 5 development team and a 'new project team'. Unfortunately, he did not share the role of this new team.

    In the past, Itsuno said he would like to work on a new dragon dogma title or even a new title from Rival Schools 3 that would focus on the third year of the high school protagonists. However, in recent reports, it has also analyzed future tranches for Capcom vs. SNK 3, Street Fighter Alpha 4 and even Street Fighter VI.

    If the team is working on a new project, it may be too early in the planning phase, which means that we will need some time to see or hear it.