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  • Wolfenstein Youngblood Review
    Time: Jul. 26, 2019

    Wolfenstein Youngblood Bethesda Key changes the gum catharsis approach of previous games to kill the most hated people to kill them as effectively as possible. The Nazis now have health bars, and a real blow to the head or an ax in the throat doesn't always cut. You and a friend must travel to remove the white part of your health bars more effectively and reach the red part, the blood and the intestines inside.

    Youngblood is cruel and forgiving. It is an amazing environment to explore. Throw the player casually through time and efficiency calculations instead of giving him another round of cosmic victory. Disabling the Nazis is as strange as ever, but pleasure is tempered by an update system that often slows down the action and the overall rhythm.

    Wolfenstein Youngblood Game Key is a cooperation company whose structure is completely different from the linear routes of the last two games. This film is set in three Parisian neighborhoods under the Nazi control of the 80s, more open and more free to explore than The New Order and New Colossus, but not in an open, transparent and unique world. She and a friend play as two teenage daughters of B.J. Blazkowicz. Yes B.J. Without saying a word, go to Paris, you must hijack a helicopter and look for pop, which disrupts the occupation of the local Nazis. From the family of the man who - spoiler - killed Adolf Hitler, it is necessary to have collateral damage.

    The best thing about Youngblood is the level design. The Arcane Studios of Dishonored and Prey arrived on board to design 80s Paris under Nazi control. Open Windows Four floors are invitations, with a new focus on tone thanks to the double jump capability available from the beginning.

    I didn't know that the Nazis had created pop culture a few centimeters from ours, but I appreciate the subtle way Youngblood says: "Hey, it's 80". This is not a bath of neons and synthesizers, just a pinch of material and commercial objects that evoke a new era in an ancient city.