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Kai Robinson
Apr. 29, 2020
Its been over 30 minutes and i still haven't gotten any code, i want a refund or a code
Feb. 9, 2020
ordered on Feburary 1 didnt receive until now
Customer support doesnt respond.
Feb. 17, 2020
Says my order is completed but i didnt get a code. i want a code or a refund
Jan. 29, 2020
I did not receive my card. I want my refund
mason blankenship
Feb. 16, 2020
Have not received order after purchase. feels like a scam.
Elijah Collins
Apr. 30, 2020
It said I would receive within one hour, it has been about 8 hours still nothing. customer service does not respond to email or to the 24/7 support. PLEASE REFUND OR SEND CODE.
Antonello Gabbiano
Feb. 15, 2020
Ordered 10 feburary and i didnt get anything go away this is just a big scam
Joseph Urgiles
Jan. 19, 2020
Worst purchase ever didn’t get my CryptoVoucher and it’s been 3 days. Supposedly it said that I would arrive instantly but haven’t gotten it. Don’t bother buying any CryptoVoucher Gift Cards.
Feb. 5, 2020
i still havent got my card i want a refund or my card now
Elliot Ziel
Feb. 8, 2020

I was told that I would get it in 10 - 30 minutes... LIES!

it's been HOURS and I haven't gotten anything!

Customer service hasn't logged on yet to help me despite claiming that they have
'24/7 Customer Support".

I have NO ONE to help me!

Don't flush you 14$ down the toilet with this SCAM!
Feb. 16, 2020
i orded it 8h ago and im still waiting i dident get the code and it charged me refund me cuz it says that it takes 10 ro 30 min to get it
Feb. 17, 2020
How long will this take. I dont have all day !
Brady Hoffman
Feb. 17, 2020
It’s been several hours and I have not gotten a code. Please send or refund me.
Lonnie Maynard
Feb. 23, 2020
I never got me code
cameron miller
Jan. 4, 2020
doesn't give you a card support wont help either
Jan. 4, 2020
i dont get my card i want a refund scamm
Jan. 20, 2020

I bought this card on this site three days ago, when I bought it there was written "in stock" like all the time and once the payment made I received absolutely nothing instantly I had to contact support the same day to find out what was going on and contact two different operators to ask for my identity card, so I asked for a refund and for 3 days I am still waiting. Don't buy here
zack marji
May. 24, 2020
dude i just went night swimming for like an hour and a half after i bought this and i havent got it i want a refund or my code
Mar. 27, 2020
I waiting over 30 minutes a still nothing.. Maybe scam?
Ian Rodriguez
Mar. 7, 2020
it said instant delivery and its been 30 min i want a refund at this point.
Feb. 20, 2020
i did not recieve any email or anything refund please
Pyro Flaze
May. 1, 2020
I rate 3 starts since thats about the middle. Idk whats going on can you plz explain, how long is this supposed to take to be delivered.
Thanks for reading my review and plz respond
Andrew Dogman
Apr. 3, 2020
Haven't gotten my code and customer support doesn't respond. I want a refund.
Adin Jura
Mar. 25, 2020
I purchased it over 2 days ago and I have yet to receive it. It says that the purchase is pending still. I would like to recieve the gift card soon.
julien ostertag
Mar. 10, 2020
where is my code
micahel ran
Feb. 20, 2020
My key work ty
Baptiste Briotte
Jul. 9, 2020
I did not receive my code I want a refund !
Jul. 3, 2020
I bought this and never got my voucher and customer service isn't responding anymore I want my code or a refund
Jay Josh
Jul. 1, 2020
Was told i got a refund and i didnt. Can I actually get one
ethan chamblain
Jun. 28, 2020
Still No Voucher, feels like I have been scammed of my 16.18
Jun. 23, 2020
aaron mcgurn
Jun. 22, 2020
key works, only bad thing about it is that you have to contact support for them to get the code if its not completed for some reason despite being paid. otherwise, sure its always safe to buy. Just keep all this in mind if you plan on buying
Christian Crider
Jun. 20, 2020
Still have yet to get my code.. I wish to have a refund honestly. NO Customer Support or anything.!!
Anthony Zhang
Jun. 15, 2020
have not received code after 3 hours, PLEASE REFUND OR SEND
isaiah rha
Jun. 13, 2020
ive been waiting for a few days now and still nothing please send me my code
John Doe
Jun. 11, 2020
I would like a refund... Takes my money and then just never gives me the key.
Jun. 11, 2020
I have been waiting for an hour and still, haven't got a key kinda feels like a scam pls deliver it to me or give me a refund
Wiktor Gruszczyński
Jun. 9, 2020
it has been 7hours and still nothing send a cod or refund
cole hyper
Jun. 8, 2020
says instant but ive still got nothing i want my money back
zkaw exod
Jun. 7, 2020
I paid the key but I have no idea how to get it. The support is unclear.
I want a refund or my key.
Cire Nahp
Jun. 5, 2020
order not received
Hayden Distefano
Jun. 4, 2020
catch this chargeback folks, very crappy business wouldn't recommend this website to a soul.
Jun. 3, 2020
This is my last review, It been 4 hours since I bought the Voucher and I have finally received it. I will be giving it 4 stars just for the fact that it took longer time than what it said.
Jun. 3, 2020
and got nothing
deliver or refund
you get 1 hour from now on.
Alex Espinoza
Jun. 2, 2020
I have no gotten my code, I want my money back. Customer Service does is inactive.
noah dyer
Jun. 1, 2020
i see a lot of bad reviews but when i bought my voucher it can in 5 mins and the customer service was great they told me how to see what my code was and they responded within 1 min of me asking them something.
Sean Kim
Jun. 1, 2020
I did not receive my code
May. 31, 2020
I got no support please refund me!
Donavan Franco
May. 31, 2020
Its been 3 hours and still no key, either refund or key pls
May. 31, 2020
I got no refund or code