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Jun. 27, 2020
I havent received my key.
Ben Moss
Jun. 27, 2020
Cameron Seker
Jun. 23, 2020
Don't trust em. Definitely scamming.
noah pinckard
Jun. 21, 2020
i still have not received my card so i would love refund
Jun. 13, 2020
you don't even get anything after purchasing it just takes your money and leaves you sitting there, do not buy this at all it is a scam
adam coday
Jun. 11, 2020
Purchased the product and have been waiting for their “instant” delivery of a product that is in stock. Unfortunately it isn’t instant and I have yet to receive what I paid for. I’ve paid through PayPal and since the service isn’t what they’ve stated I’ll be filing a fraudulent product advertisement pertaining to the product and service I purchased. As well as providing proof of what I purchased and the service that was listed alongside the order still not being complete sent to PayPal and my bank to get this refunded. I’ve tried chat but it never responds back and times out after waiting for so long. In 24 hours I’ll be sending everything over unless the order is completed with a valid product.
Andreas Hofmann
Jun. 9, 2020
doont receive my code i want refund for my both article !
Eric Draven
Jun. 6, 2020
Never online to help! Haven't received my card! Can't get any response from them. I want my money back!
alexander nordseth
Jun. 5, 2020
i have not got my key yet. tried contact customer support but not any answer. can u please get my key?
Abraham Mcphee
Jun. 4, 2020
where the code at my payment went through and i still didnt get anything
Billy Britt
Jun. 3, 2020
Can I get a refund please
William Stval
Jun. 3, 2020
Didn't receive the code ?
Janiak Rémy
Jun. 2, 2020
No key need refund !
Giovanni Escobedo
Jun. 1, 2020
This website is garbo they didnt give me my voucher literally a scam I hope they give me my money back..
May. 31, 2020
Alot of bad comments here but i had no issues with buying this..... come few mins after purchase. support was very helpful too.
Tomáš Nguyen
May. 31, 2020
lior blatt
May. 30, 2020
dont get the code refund my money!
Johnny Kneer
May. 30, 2020
Refund or give me the key please its been like a week...
Erik Andersen
May. 28, 2020
I purchased this and immediately after I smelled something fishy about this website, I got in a customer service support which is trash, I got in a chat with a supporter, he gave me an email where I needed to fill out some information to confirm it was me who purchased it, I did it and right after the conversation ended and I haven't heard from them since, this is very shady and unprofessional. If I if don't get a (working) product within 24 hours I want an immediate refund. If it's not a working key, I will report this website as a fraud to PayPal and demand a refund.
May. 27, 2020
I foolishly bought without reading the reviews and haven't received my code. It looks like the same thing has happened to quite a few people.
Cam Clark
May. 26, 2020
I made a purchase and haven't got any delivery AT ALL, please help or refund me.
Justin Howard
May. 26, 2020
atte kolkka
May. 24, 2020
I'm still waiting for my order that is still processing and the order said its instant delivery and i can't connect to customer service
May. 24, 2020
First Key Came within a day and was please, purchased a second key and it has now been around a week and have not gotten my second key. :(
Nicl Kailidis
May. 24, 2020
My order hasnt even come when i ordered it with instant delivery, i asked for a refund but it has not come back yet.
Ashton Smith
May. 23, 2020
This is ridiculous. They don't even have them. The customer service rep I talked too was nice, but they don't even have the product! I want a refund!
May. 23, 2020
I dont get my voucher, can u refund money ?
Connor Maclusky
May. 22, 2020
Took my money and never gave me product. Where's my refund?
May. 21, 2020
Nick Johnson
May. 21, 2020
Havent recieved my product but still got charged!!
Stephen Miller
May. 21, 2020
Please give me a refund, I've yet to receive my product, and I've seen that other people never received their items.
Krzysztof Rog
May. 21, 2020
Payed but haven't received my product
Dallas Timmins
May. 21, 2020
I have been waiting what seems like forever now and still no code and support did not do anything to help me.
May. 21, 2020
Says its in stock so I bought it only to have them take my money and not provide any detail as to why my order wasn't received. Only to find out they are out of stock even though it says in stock and they took my money.
GRM Blanky
May. 20, 2020
Its been almost 2 days can i please get my code now
Roee Shemesh
May. 18, 2020
Took my money instantly, but never gave me a code. I want a refund
Kyle Dooley
May. 18, 2020
Terrible, refund me please.
Juan Carrillo
May. 17, 2020
May. 17, 2020
I didnt get key. Please refund it
May. 16, 2020
I'm trying to get a refund and nobody answer. It claims to be 7/24 support. I want my money back, never buying on this website
May. 16, 2020
Where is my code? Deliver it or face chargeback
park junghyun
May. 13, 2020
I haven't received the product! please refund me!
May. 13, 2020
Did work, not immediate though. User Center, then orders. after a while you can view cd key code.
Rose Gold
May. 10, 2020
Honestly i should have been looking At the reviews before i purchased this. Ive been waiting on a key for a long time even though the site says instant delivery. I either want my "Instantly delivered" Voucher or i want a refund. PSA: Dont spend any money on this
May. 10, 2020
its been about 24hrs after purchase and still havnt recieved anything on the order, money was taken out of my account and says item is paid for so do not see an issue of why its taking this long to receive, tried to contact support and they have been offline for 2hrs
Eddy Petrenko
May. 8, 2020
Yeah, this is a scam, I paid and it never sent what I wanted, nor did it show up in the user center, I'll update if it is delivered.
May. 2, 2020
They don't give you anything when you buy from the website, its awful
David Azoian
May. 1, 2020
I got scammed, I didn't get my key for it, they just took my money and never responded.
Caleb Garland
May. 1, 2020
Apr. 29, 2020
I haven't received the product! please refund me!